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a sleek and modern venue appealing to families and the young alike, serving sleek and modern dishes in sleek and modern tableware. the name, a play on the word watermelon is representative of the fresh and the aqueous atmosphere of waterlemon: as pure and reviving as water, as quenching and zesty as lemon. generally situated in concentrated areas such as shopping or business centers, malls and beaches, all locations where catering is an integral part of leisure activity.
at waterlemon boutique juice bar you can enjoy a healthy and creative food menu, fresh juices, unique colorful cocktails, specialty coffees and teas in a fresh, relaxed and contemporary atmosphere.
New slogan: the earth does not belong to us… we belong to the earth.
Four seasons for ever
At waterlemon the beauty of the four seasons has always been at the heart of our concept. Today, we believe it is time to act to ensure we still have four seasons to celebrate for generations to come. the climate and environment are pressing issues that can no longer be ignored. for this reason waterlemon is embracing an eco-friendly philosophy. together we can make a difference to our planet.

concept develoment: dolorés el ramy mouracadé
contact: dolo@blendsltd.com